Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Alright, the time is here... The big secret is about to be revealed.... But, you must click this link to find out!!! Come my darlings, and enjoy the "fruits" of our labor as you read this bright and summer filled issue of STYLO. More to come on my contributions later in the week. But for now, find a comfy spot, grab your favorite beverage and take delight in STYLO.

A Summer of Sewing: Astoria Pullover

Friday, May 8, 2015

It has been waaaaaaaaaay too long since I posted. I'm sure you guys forgive me right? A couple weeks back I had announced that there were some exciting things behind the scenes happening, and I cannot wait to show you; when the time is right :) And hopefully in ten days I will be able to post about the most recent and exciting thing to happen in my sewing career... ever! Until then, here is the 3rd thing I'm sewing and showing for you on the blog (ever!), and if you'd like to see the prior two, you can check the links here and here

I introduce to you the Astoria pullover, which was part of last month's Seamwork Magazine. If you haven't heard of Seamwork, you must check it out! Especially if you trying to sew more for yourself :) For $6 a month, you will get two modern, easy to follow patterns, that sew up in an afternoon. Score! 

What drew me to sew the Astoria was the style. Lately I have been obsessing over the high waisted fashions that have been coming around. Late to the game I know, but a  year ago you would have not caught me dead in anything tight, short, and most deff high waisted!!! Needless to say everything about the Astoria was spot on. I am beyond thrilled with the result. 

The pullover came together in about 1hr 30 mins, and that is including cutting out the pattern. My kind of sewing that's for sure! What I will change about the waistband is making it an XS rather than a S. I would like it to hug my waist just a tad bit more. I paired the Astoria with a fun, lawn skirt from If you are a bargain online shopper, this is the place for you :) My skirt was $4.99!!! Head over there for some great deals! 

Astoria Pullover, Seamwork
Upcycled Sweater, band from stash
Make an XS waistband instead of S

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post!!! You will be seeing alot more of me around here on Sewing Sober. Please make sure to check out Seamwork Magazine if you haven't already :) Happy Sewing my loves!
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