The Seed Was Planted

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had a niche for sewing. I remember drawing up fashion designs in a little book at our home in Granbury, TX. I would go to the playhouse in the backyard and just sketch outfits with cap sleeves, puffy skirts and bright colors. Needless to say I would spend hours in that little house, not knowing that my love for this art would follow me into the teen years and a different state.

We moved to FL when I was 13 and oh my word, was that tough! I was in a whole new part of the US; and in an extremely different atmosphere than my little podunk town Granbury. Making friends was like trying to mesh a cowgirl with the beach... Super awkward especially when you had no clue what flip flops were! 

In my senior year, I took a sewing class. I had dabbled in sewing up until this point by making a couple skirts and such. But in this class I would learn the basics of pattern reading and design that would open a world of possibilities. Our first task was a dress. I enjoyed every moment of going to the store, picking out the fabric and heading to school early in the mornings to complete my project. It turned out quite nice, but I gave it to my sister years ago. Who knows where it is now!

But this bag is one of my most memorable things I have made. My Omi was so kind to help me out because at the time, I wasn't too familiar with the types of fabric and what they were used for. I wanted a bag to take to college with me; something that would be fashionable yet modern to tote around the campus. It also needed to have a pocket inside that would hold my phone and other writing supplies. Needless to say this bag completely exceeded my expectations, and I brought it everywhere!!! 

Little did I know that my sewing would be tossed to the back burner for more than 5 years. Life just happened, and I had to deal with life on life's terms. Plenty of trials and tribulations came my way, but through the grace of God I was able to overcome these obstacles and begin to sew again in October of 2013.


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