Aqua Lawn Zippy Top

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ok guys don't freak out.... But I finally sewed something! It feels so good to get behind my machine after a week of complete crazy. Life really happened over the past week, and to be honest, I lost total motivation to make anything for the girls, or even myself. I let life get me down, which is not like me whatsoever. This lead me to put total trust in God and allow Him to take full control of the situation. Once I did that, everything fell in place. Funny how He works right?

Now onto what I sewed. I am beyond excited to say that "For the first time in FOREVER", I sewed a shirt for myself. Say what??? Yup, I did, and I am pretty impressed. Kate from the amazing See Kate Sew is holding Zippy Top sewalong that will end on April 30th. I had planned on making this top for Easter to coordinate with the girls, but again, life happened and it was pushed to the back burner. 

Disclaimer: I have not wanted to sew/post for my post Cora body because I saw myself as "unattractive, large and not worthy of being seen". But I had such a misconception of myself. As Psalm 139:14 says "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

Kate makes sewing the Zippy Top so easy. Her instructions are spot on. My favorite part of the top is the zipper. Ah, I love an exposed zipper. The way she shows you how to insert it is perfectly simple. Some tutorials make it sound way confusing, but Kate lays it out for you very well.  

The Zippy Top has an option to make it a crop top. I opted out of this due to being self conscious in the tummy area, but I obviously had a brain lapse because it would make it so much easier to nurse lol oh well! Still thinking I might chop it a little higher to allow for that. 

I used this fabric from Joann's and it was a dream to work with! The fabric is an aqua lawn from their Lisette Collection. I have never sewn with lawn before, but I see more of it in my future. 

Another really great thing with this top is that Kate has a couple awesome hacks to turn it into a completely different top or dress. The next one I am going to make is the zippy top front hack. If you'd like to add a decorative pocket, you can click here. And if you would like to make it into a super cute dress, she shows you how to do that here too!

This little girl was worth EVERY pound that I gained. I have realized that my inner beauty more than matches  my outer, even if it isn't what it was before. Sewing the Zippy Top for myself has given me a new found outlook on accepting how my baby body is now, at the current time. I know that in a year I will look completely different, so it is better to stay in today, and just enjoy this little peanut instead of obsessing about not being back to model status!

Kate, wonderful pattern you have here dear. I LOVE my Zippy Top!

And to my darling Ryan, thank you for taking the photos. I love you <3


  1. Love you Ashley, as always,give your problems to God, and He helps!!! He made us all beautiful and worthy. Kisses, Momma

  2. You are so beautiful Ashley. I love you with my whole heart. You always have a smile for me, for everyone. What a tender, precious gift it is to watch you grow. xoxo Kim from Thursday night.

  3. Wow ladies thanks so very much!!! I am having such a fun time sewing; it's such a blessing.

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous in this! That fabric is perfect, I love the pop of color you give it with the zipper!!! Seriously - this is fantastic!

  5. Thank you Jessica! Was a really big step sewing something for myself. Hopefully more to come!

  6. love this post!! thank you so much Ashley, you look amazing!

  7. Beautiful top, beautiful mama, and wonderful post! It's tough as moms to look at our body and be genuinely happy with the new shape it has taken - but you are right - they ARE worth every pound.... and all the stretch marks and weird belly pooch, and...... :)

  8. Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to take a moment to invite you to our facebook group "small fry bloggers" where we ask each other blogging related questions, coordinate tours, and generally support other blogs. Hope to see you there!

  9. Thank you so much ladies! Kate, I had a wonderful time sewing up the Zippy Top! I see many many more in my future hehe and Mae, I look forward to joining your group!! Thank you for the invitation!


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