KCW Day 1: Ruffle Dress

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ok you guys,  Kids Clothes Week is here! KCW is a week of sewing for your children, but for only one hour per day for the next seven days. This sewalong has been on my list since Spring of 2013. I just love the rush of only having one hour to sew. It's pure madness! Throw in two kids and the craziness quadruples.... seriously lol. 

The theme for this season's competition is "Mini Me". We were allowed to interpret this in whichever way we saw suit. Upcycling is going to play a big role in my first KCW. I wanted to show that I can take something that was in my goodwill pile and turn it into something that the girls can wear; something that is going to be very unique. So, here is my first article of clothing: The Ruffle Dress. 

The main fabric was from one of my most coveted shirts... that I found at Wal-Mart hehe. I couldn't resist cutting it up. It had been waiting in my recycle pile for quite some time and I had sketched a design similar to the dress I made. The pink fabric is also from another shirt I had hanging out in that pile. I was originally supposed to have two ruffles, but they both ended up being a little too short and thought it was best to combine and make one big one. 

The beauty of reusing something that was once yours is that you can use the hem that is already in place. That saved sooooo much time in sewing up the dress and allows for a clean finish. I mean you have one hour... gotta use it to the best of your abilities! I had a timer set to my phone for one hour, but every time my machine wasn't running, I paused it. Today was real tough with getting the kids to cooperate while I attempted to sew for what little time I could. I began around 10 AM and throughout the day was able to breakaway for 5 minutes here and there. I only used 40 of the allotted 60 minutes. So that felt good!

I self drafted the pattern from a dress that Cora had worn a couple days prior. The body of the dress was fairly simple, but the sleeves... that was a different story. Originally I had wanted to have them angled, but for the life of me I just could not figure out how to achieve that. Next time right? 

I am very pleased with how the Ruffle Dress turned out. Day one of KCW has been a success, and I will post tomorrow on what I have in store! Fingers crossed that my little, little one wants to cooperate! 

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  1. Wow I love it this is so darn cute love the colors of both you used !!!!!! Another great top.


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