KCW Day 2: Peplum Dress

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So day two of KCW has came and went. Only 5 more left! Boy, oh boy, do I have high aspirations for my next couple of pieces. One of them will be Madison's Easter dress, so don't be surprised if I do not post anything tomorrow, as I am still doing some super secret pattern testing that will be released on Monday the 14th! If you don't want to miss a thing, you can click here to follow me on Instagram where I am constantly posting updates on the current projects I am doing. 

I focused mainly on Cora the first couple of days because little baby clothing is super easy to construct. She also has not been feeling too great, so getting the first two dresses out of the way rather than how I planned to debut them in the end has worked out rather nice. 

For this dress I basically did an extension of a peplum top. Instead of cut it off half way down the shirt, I extended it 3 extra inches then attached the skirt piece. 

The fabric is from an Aeropostale top that never quite fit me just right. I ended up buying two of them (the other in shades of blue) but you will see that one in the coming weeks. The flowers are my absolute favorite. I love how they almost look like water color and painted right onto the fabric. Plus, the colors are perfect for spring.

It's always fun to cut up clothes and make something new. This KCW is really keeping me busy, and I am so excited to be sharing it with you! 


  1. oh man - I was just about to ask you where you got that fabric!! An aeropostale top....love it!

  2. Thank you Jessica! And yes, I wish someone would make a bolt of it so we can all share lol


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