KCW Day 4: Two pairs of leggings

Friday, April 11, 2014

Since I was working on a super secret testing project all day Wednesday (that I am so thrilled to finally be sharing with you on Monday!!!) I quickly whipped these simple leggings for Cora. Nothing extravagant, but I wanted to show a nice little something for KCW. 

The blue knit was from a big order I had purchased from Denver Fabrics a couple months back. It was a dream to sew with! There was enough stability to where I could use my knit stitch settings on my machine and not worry about it getting eaten up. 

The tribal print... Eh not so much! I loved the print, but when I ordered it from Girl Charlee back in October, they had recently ran out of the thick fabric that it had originally been printed on. I didn't think much of it and purchased it anyway thinking that I could manipulate the fabric. Well I can, but it made me work for it! This knit is soooo thin and almost sheer. Super duper stretchy too. Next time I order I will make sure it is a much more stable material to work with.

They together took less than an hour, so I was able to make them while little miss C took one of her infamous cat naps. At least she looked super cute at our family gathering last night :) 

Hoping to whip up something from this month's "Perfect Pattern Parcel" sometime today! 


  1. cute leggings and top that you sewed!!!!!

  2. leggings!! wow!! that is something I am scared to sew! yours are fab!


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