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Monday, May 5, 2014

Good afternoon my lovelies! Today I get to share with you the Lulu Dress and Top by Jess, who sews and creates over at Craftiness is not Optional

Let me start by saying, I was over the moon when she chose me to help test out this awesome little number. I have been reading her blog for sometime now, and to actually have the opportunity to help her out... It was like winning the lottery, but in the sewing world! I am beyond grateful to have had this chance to work with Jess and all the other ladies in the testing group. She was so thankful for all of our hardwork, that she even posted about our Lulu's here. Such an awesome experience. Though I have never met Jess in person, getting to know her a little bit while we were testing was very cool. She is such a sweetie and had very encouraging words, plus compliments galore on our finished Lulu's. Go check out her new pattern and some of her others, like the ever so sweet Bapron!  

Onto the Lulu!

The Lulu is all about comfort and endless customization. I sewed up the dress version with pockets. What makes the Lulu so unique is that the bodice is made of knit, and the skirt has the option to be made with a woven OR a knit. Genius right? I am patiently waiting for Jess to release a women's version of this... "hint, hint" lol!!!!

Pockets are always a plus in our household. Madison loooooooves having a place to hide her treasures, or place the freshly picked flowers (weeds) deep into her pockets. Oh to be 5 and carefree!

I used a navy spandex cotton knit from Girl Charlee for the bodice. Though it is somewhat thin, it sewed up quite nice! It definitely adds some extra stretch when Madison sticks her hands into the pockets. The skirt is made from an article of clothing that my grandparents got while they were in Ghana. It is a woven of some sorts, and it is also dyed. I had to wash it twice so the color would stop bleeding. But isn't is gorgeous? I'm thinking about sizing the dress down for Cora, and making her a matching one with the extra fabric. It is just too lovely to go to waste!

Another thing that I love about the Lulu is how easy it came together. Seriously, no joke! It took a total of 1.5 hours for me sew, and that is from cut to finish. How sweet is that?? A dress or top that I can finish in a nap time? Total fave in my book. I was able to sew up three for the test... that is how awesome the Lulu is!

Jess makes the instructions simple to follow. I would highly suggest this pattern for the beginning seamstress as well. She clearly instructs you on how to make everything; from the elastic casing all the way down to hemming the skirt and binding the collar and arms. I am confident that you can sew one too :)

Madison is in love with her Lulu, and I can't wait to show you the others I have made. Jess, you did such a great job!! Thanks for allowing me to test this beauty before it was released. You never cease to amaze me with your pattern  making skills!

And in case you didn't know, Vintage May is right around the corner! The fun will begin May 12th, so get ready to sew up some amazing vintage creations!


  1. not sure what's cuter, your dress or your model!

  2. Adorable, and I love when you get a chance to test for a designer you've followed and loved :D

  3. Thank you ladies! And yes, testing a pattern for someone you love just makes it that much better :)

  4. Oh this is too adorable! And darn it... now I have another pattern writer I didn't know about on my "must buy" list! :)

  5. What a lovely creation! The colors choice is perfect and your girl looks so comfy on it.

  6. Thank you Kim and Daniela! This pattern is seriously a must have :) so easy!

  7. Such a pretty dress! So very pretty, and wearable. I'm stopping by from the Inspired Wren- so glad to find your blog!

  8. That is so awesome that you got to test for her. I have been following her blog for what seems like forever in awe of what she does. As always, your daughter just looks perfect.

  9. Thank you so so much ladies!! :)

  10. Too cool to be a tester! And I love this version. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursday!


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