Perfect Petal Purse Pattern

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Good morning! Today I am sharing a cute little bag I got to test called the Perfect Petal Purse by Fenna who creates over at Fabulous Home Sewn. Look at how adorable it is! What little girl doesn't want a flower purse? Madison was thrilled when she woke up to find this waiting for her on my sewing table.

One of my favorite things about this pattern is that it only has two pattern pieces, plus measurements for the strap. Yes, that's right, two! From cut to finish took about an hour. Perfect for creating during a nap time. This would make such a great gift as well as party favors for a quaint little girl get together. 

The Perfect Petal Purse makes for a good scrap buster project too. I wanted to make the purse look like a sunflower, so I rummaged through my big bag of scraps and came across some fun pieces of fabric. The strap was made to look like the stem, and I think it came out pretty well. 

Another fun quality of the purse is that it made me take my time. I realized that I need to work on sewing curves... big time. I think the petal pattern pieces make for a much needed sewing exercise as well. I never would have thought to take time out of my day to sit and do sewing drills. It's awesome. Sewing is just like any other sport or hobby; practice and dedication make for mastering any type of skill. 

If you have a little lady at home and are looking for a fun, simple and rewarding project, then the Perfect Petal Purse Pattern is for you!! You can click on the link HERE to find out more. Thanks for letting me sew this up Fenna. It's a lovely little bag!

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  1. thanks for testing it, Ashley! Your input was very much appreciated! And, my husband noticed right away that it was supposed to be a sunflower--he told me that it was his favourite :)


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