Seashore Dress, Top & Tunic Pattern Review + Giveaway by GraciousThreads

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday my dears! So today I have a super fun pattern review for you, plus my first giveaway... EVER! I am so excited to be sharing this great summertime top. I was selected to test the Seashore Dress, Top & Tunic by Jessica over at Gracious Threads, which features a lace covered yoke, cap sleeves, and shoulder buttons for easy dressing. Feel free to head on over to her Etsy shop or Craftsy for purchase details, or you can stick around and enter to win a pattern for yourself below :)

The version I sewed up is the tunic length. Madison loves to wear leggings, so I thought that a tunic would be quite fitting for her. She was so surprised when I brought it to the party we went to Saturday night, that she immediately put it on and began showing it off!

One of the many awesome qualities in the Seashore is the very versatile yoke. Jessica gives you the option to use some lovely eyelet or dress it up a bit with some lace. Since Ryan and I are on the same page about "sewing my stash" and "upcycling" some of my clothes that I haven't worn in over a year, this top was created from things I had already in house. The size shown is a 2, with a 3 length. 

The lace was from a dress that I wore only once on a photo shoot, then shoved to the back of my closet as it was not the perfect fit for me. I loved the look of the dress, but the fit... not so much. It sure was a nice find when I peeked into my closet and saw the dress staring me down. So out came the scissors and I went to town deconstructing it.

I didn't think the lace was going to sew up nice since it was more of a "stretchy" type, but it worked awesome. The body of the dress is made from some tribal-esque quilting cotton from Joann's that I had in my stash. Don't you love when something you've been saving (aka fabric hoarding) for a little while speaks to you? I do! And I can't wait till Summer KCW rolls around because I see one of these in the lineup :) stay tuned for that.

The cap sleeves are my favorite part of the top along with the button closure at the shoulder. I had never done a rolled hem before, and since I still haven't learned to sew on my serger, I was able to attempt one without. It came out better than I expected! We opted for some vintage green buttons to seal the deal. Unfortunately there are only two shown (one on each shoulder) because when we took the photos I hadn't sewed the other two on yet. Sorry guys!  These details are what make a really fun and unique pattern great, and we are loving the Seashore right now!

Thank you Jessica for letting me test and create this gorgeous top with you! Madison loves it and so do I!

To finish off this wonderful Friday, we have a giveaway for you all! Enter the rafflecopter below and enter to win a copy of the Seashore Dress, Top & Tunic for yourself! Happy Sewing :)

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  1. Thank you very much for testing! Your dress and your daughter are both lovely!

    1. Thank you Jess for letting me test the Seashore :)

  2. beautiful. I love the lace on the top.

  3. Pretty! Love your lace and the fabric combination!

  4. I love your fabric and the pop with the button!

  5. Sooo beautiful--your choice of fabric is amazing! love it!

  6. Thank you ladies! It is so fun creating things for my girls to wear. Endless possibilities!

  7. Lovely, thank you so much for the giveaway ^_^

  8. beautiful top--I love the lace overlay!

  9. Thank you! Love the comments and entries!


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