LOL Swing Top Tester Tour

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good morning! Today is day three of the LOL Swing Top tester tour. I had the pleasure of testing the new tank by Jennifer from A Jennuine Life, and let me tell you, this is going to be yet another must have for the summer. I was so surprised to be emailed back to test this for her... it was like I was able to test another of my blogging idol's creations! So blessed to have had this opportunity. Jennifer conducts a wonderful testing group, and makes sure that her pattern fits absolutely perfect before she puts it in her shop. It will be available sometime soon! Her design has such a great flow to it, with a unique racer back and beautiful gathers in the front and back. Let me show you just how cute the LOL Swing Top really is!

Isn't the cute level just ridiculous LOL hehe I crack myself up :) Both of the tops shown are made in a woven, but I will highlight on that in a second. I never really make the girls "matching" outfits. I kind of always coordinate them to go together like in this post here. Buuuuuut, I went there with these tops. I have so much of this challis that needed to be used, and the LOL uses enough fabric for me to put a good dent into it. Jennifer requires you to use 1/4" narrow double folded bias tape rather than homemade, and it really does the trick! I made the girls a little opposite by using white and purple bias tape with alternating yokes. 

The woven option has a very quaint button closure at the top, which makes dressing a breeze for the older girls. Madison is in love with her LOL. I was asked to test a bigger size due to some snug fitting issues in the chest, and without hesitation I complied. The version shown here is a woven size 4T, and fit Madison perfectly. For the past year she has been in either size 2T or 3T, but I noticed her chest grew to a size 22", so a 4T was required. Oh, and did I tell you the tutorial also comes in knit and has distinct directions for each?! Yeah, this pattern is pretty much amazing!!!

I'm telling you, the back of the LOL is so gorgeous. I can't get enough of it!! I find it very elegant with the gathers under the arms and how it dips in just right at the middle of the yoke. It shows the perfect amount of skin and is super classy.

For Cora I sewed up size 3-6 month, and the fit was spot on yet again. This is also made in the woven rayon challis, and I think the fabric allows for maximum "flowyness". I am a sucker for baby back rolls, and the LOL shows oh so much of it :) 

A little photo of Madison using her mermaid powers LOL :)

I hope you guys enjoyed the LOL Swing Tops I created, and make sure to check back soon because I will be posting again once this beauty is released. In the meantime, please check out the rest of the awesome ladies on the tester tour! I promise the won't disappoint :)

Stitch Swap and Summer KCW: Day 1

Monday, July 21, 2014

The week is finally here! But first, please forgive me for my absence. Life really happened, and my family will always come first before blogging. My father was finally ready to get sober, and I didn't hesitate to do whatever it would take to get him here and healthy. Now that the craziness of the past three weeks is behind us, we can get to the good stuff. I had signed up to be a part of the "Stitch Swap"; an event where bloggers sign up through Elfster, and are paired with another random blogger to send a yard of mystery fabric to one another. Can I say that I have never been so excited to get fabric before?! My lovely mystery giver was Bethany of Two Novembers. She has some awesome taste! We emailed back and forth, and she was able to browse through my blog and get a feel for what I would "like". I was gifted this beautiful pinwheel print from Andover Fabrics, and I LOVE IT!

The Bohemian Babydoll dress from Elegance&Elephants came right to mind when I saw the fabric. This is such a beautiful pattern, but it was just sitting in my overflowing bin, waiting to be sewn up. Since this post coincides with Cora's 6mo post as well, I knew this fabric would go perfectly with her personality and monthly sticker too. 

I sewed up the size 6-12 mo top for Cora, and we have plenty of room to grow :) The dress would have been way too long; you know, since my little is the width of a 6mo but the height of a 3mo lol  I was very, very impressed with the Bohemian Babydoll dress tutorial. One of my favorite things about PDF patterns is the fact that I can always reference back whenever I need. They are always with you every step of the way. Heidi also uses actual photos in the tutorial rather than the trending illustrations. And for that, I give her 5 big golden stars! I adore photo tutorials, and I always find myself migrating to the designers that still do that.

Oh, and can we talk about the hidden treasure underneath the dress/top?! The "hem-facing". I have never done a "hem facing" before, and I am so intrigued by it. What a beautiful way to really polish off and finalize a look. The simplicity and elegance of the Bohemian Babydoll dress is really beautiful. I humor myself sometimes. When I browse through my patterns after I purchase, I tend to get a little bit of anxiety and over-complicate what the pattern really is. Once I dive in, I never look back, and am so relieved when I take in the finish product and go "Wow, what a beautiful pattern.". 

Isn't this print just awesome?!? I love the pinwheels; they also remind me of Cora. She is such a free spirited little girl, just like the pinwheels blowing in the wind. I also have never sewn with a "good quality" brand of fabric before, but let me tell you... I might have just gotten spoiled :) Below you will find the back of the garment. Another thing about the Bohemian Babydoll is the square neckline. Ah! It looks perfect on little chunky babies!

Thus far we have only seen the garment on display, so now I will give you Cora :) She turned 6mo old yesterday, and I am so privileged that God chose me to be her mother. She continues to bring our family unending joy, lots of love and a ton of smiles! I wont go into too much detail and "mommy-mush", so I will just let the photos explain themselves :)

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Fourth of July Rompers

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July my friends! Or as Madison calls it, "Fireworks Day". I really wanted to make something  for the girls that was patriotic yet functional for tonight's festivities. Last week I talked about My Childhood Treasures, who specializes in super cute children's patterns. I really love what Dixi puts into making her patterns, and I have a file full that was waiting to be put to good use! Today I will show you the Starling Romper for girls 2-10, then the Isabella Romper for N-24mos. Lets get started shall we??

First up we have the Starling Romper. Why did I not participate in Romper Week?! This would have been such a good one to enter. Next year though! Now back to the pattern. The Starling Romper is a very relaxing sew. With only 5 main pattern pieces (excluding the straps and bow) this romper comes together with ease. I know I stated above how much I love MCT, but it's true! I really like how easy the directions are to follow. Plus, I am a sucker for photo illustrations, and Dixi guides you step by step with wonderful photos throughout the whole entire construction process. 

Originally this was going to be a size 2, but when I re-measured her chest, it seemed to have fit into the size 3 category (22"). It worked out perfectly though because the 2 would have been too short/tight in the bum and crotch area. I did make the hem of the shorts 3/4" since my girl is still a peanut, but also all legs. 

"Mom! The sun is in my eyes!!" Mind you, it was cloudy and almost 7:45 pm. Gotta love her!

I don't know about you, but I love the fabric combo here. Stars, silver polka dots, some pinkish beige and navy... not to mention the red and white chevron used for the head wrap... Adorbs!  When I was browsing Joann's, I had a vision of what I wanted the outfits to look like. Identical outfits aren't really my thing, but I do love some coordinating colors, and playing up the opposite card. The romper is made out of a heavier quilting cotton, but not so dense to where she can't move. The chevron fabric is very light and airy, and I will be using it in another project I am working on. 

Now for our little Cora Jean. Let me start by saying it is very difficult photographing a 5mo old (at least mine) who is currently learning how to crawl and sit up. She was NOT having this photoshoot whatsoever. Just giving ya'll a quick heads up!

The Isabella Romper is a precious little number full of ruffles and frills. I was hesitant about the construction of the ruffles, but Dixi has you place ribbon on top of the gathers and baste stitching which was pure genius!

Another beautiful aspect of the Isabella is the open back. I can't get enough of baby rolls, and when Cora is being held in this outfit, they all have their glory! I decided to make the size 6-9mo, because Cora is a stubby but chubby little girl :) She has been wear size 6mo for the past 2 months!

Even though this one is blurry, I love it!

And since you couldn't really see the entirety of the outfit, I took some photos of it on the wall too!

Again, happy July 4th! I hope you all enjoyed my Fourth of July creations, and please be safe this evening :)
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