"Espionage" Mystery Challenge

Monday, August 25, 2014

I was asked to be a part of this fun Mystery Challenge held by Amy and Tasha of Friends Stitched Together, where ladies gave each other a "Mystery" theme and had to sew an outfit contingent on what they were assigned. The theme I was given was "Espionage", aka: spy. At first, I was stumped. That word is soooo vast, and I was having a hard time deciding on what I wanted to make for M. It had to be tasteful; some things associated with espionage are pretty out there you  know? Lara Croft came to mind, as did Lana from Archer. Since I am sewing my stash, I was just a tad limited on what I could use. In the end, I went with the portrayal of the bond girl in "Goldfinger", the third Bond film back in 1964. I think you guys will enjoy it!

Let me start by saying Madison had a blast doing this shoot! Again, I struggled picking props due to the fact that I did not see using guns as an appropriate thing for a 5yr old, but to each is own right? Instead, we decided on the "12 & 12" which for us is more suiting :) In this set, Madison is reading a book, but in reality she is checking out the enemy, watching their every move from a distance. 

The pattern we used was the oh so darling Charlie, the first pattern released by Mingo & Grace. I love the dropped waist and flounce skirt. Plus it's sleeveless which means it is perfect for living in Florida. We sewed up a size 4, and the fit was spot on. The dress is meant to be a little airy and not so fitted through the waist. I think it adds to the vintage feel I was trying to achieve. Charlie was available in the July patterns over on The Sewing Rabbit pattern members site. In usual Ashley fashion, I did not get a chance to sew it up until after the month of July. Oh well!!!

The fabric was some sort of woven. I think it might have been an upholstery kind of sorts, only because my Omi gave me the rest of it after she had sewn herself some drapes a couple years ago. I loooooove it though. The gold is perfect on Madison's skin tone, and it was suiting for my "Goldfinger" theme. 

In the scene with the sunglasses Madison is out and about on the town doing some window shopping. She spots her enemy dining on brunch and decides to peruse past with a wandering eye, taking note on what they are talking about. (Madison loved acting this out, she is such a funny gal! She wanted me to make sure you guys knew what she was doing.) 

I hope you guys enjoyed my take on this "Espionage" challenge. Madison and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the part today. There are some super talented ladies in the line up, so please go take a look on what they created!!!

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  1. What fun! I love what you did with the theme. Espionage is very vast, and I think you ended up with something super cute

  2. So cute! Love the dress and the little photoshoot!!

  3. Oh this is so beautiful and classy, just the way a Bond Girl should be!!

  4. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I love that she came up with her own story, too :) Thanks for playing with us!

  5. That dress is perfect! I have not seen 'goldfinger' but the style is totally the era! Love it!

  6. Thank you SOOOO much ladies! I had a fun time with this series :)


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