25 & 6 Months Round Up

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today is a special day here at Sewing Sober! Six months ago (to the day) I decided that I wanted to create a sewing blog. Little did I know how much joy blogging my creations with you would bring not only to myself, but the people around me. It has opened my eyes in "sew" many ways. There is so much meaning behind Sewing Sober, but that post will have to wait till a later date. I also turned 25 on Monday, WHOOP WHOOP! Still can't believe I am a quarter of a century old :) There are many things I wish to accomplish before the big three-oh comes around, so lets hope I can put those dreams into motion. With all this goodness being said, I wanted to share my most viewed posts over the last six months, and bring the newcomer up to speed on what has transpired!

One of the first posts created was The Knight Hoodie from Charming Doodle. And to put it out there, this was my second time sewing a zipper lol. Jess from The Sewing Rabbit has a wonderful program where you can become a pattern member, and for $10 a month you will receive three patterns in your inbox. It is such an awesome deal! If you would like to read more about her program please click here.

 For those of you who don't know, I am in love with the designs that Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House brings to the table. I applied to test her Persimmon Dress (affiliate link) from the Willow & Co. collection, and have been hooked with her patterns ever since. You can read more about this Persimmon Dress here.

Another post that received lots of love was my Simple Chevron and Leather Bracelet Tutorial. I love the look of leather and embroidery floss together. Something about the textures just speak to me. If you'd like to read more about the tutorial, please click here!

Have you guys heard of Wanderlust Fabrics? They are a super cool online fabric shop that has a wonderful selection of knits that you won't find anywhere else. In this post, I had teamed up with them to showcase one of their beautiful rayon jersey knits, and created the Watercolor Roses Rayon Knit Jersey Lulu Dress.

Jenn from A Jennuine Life had released her LOL Swing Top pattern (affiliate link), and I had the pleasure of testing this cute top out. Her designs are simple and practical, and the girls couldn't get enough of their tops :)

The Alley Cat Romper from Lil Luxe Collection (affiliate link) has to be another one of those "oh my gosh how awesome is that" patterns. Jessica has created such a versatile and hip collection for little girls, that I am so honored to be a part of her testing crew. Come check out more of her designs here (affiliate link). This is Madison in her "Cat Lady Romper" as she calls it.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! The end of September is filled with alot of sewing surprises, and I cannot wait to share them with you. I will be busy sewing away until the debut, and hope this round up holds you over until then :) Thank you for being readers of Sewing Sober! I strive to make good quality garments for my little girls and to stay true to myself as a mom, partner and daughter of God. If you want to get a behind the scenes look of what goes on in our everyday life, please follow us on Instagram @SewingSober. Thanks again ya'll! Looking forward to the next 6 months!

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  1. Nice job Ashley!! Maybe you will get some dress patterns so we can get my wedding dress going! Love you my daughter, you make me proud!!


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