Socialite Peplum and Mash-Up

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Saturday was the release of the newest patterns by Lil Luxe Collection (affiliate link), and I am more than ready to show them to you! I had the amazing pleasure of testing out all three and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. Just when you think Jessica Bustos couldn't get any more creative, she goes above and beyond. Today I decided that I would dedicate my stop on the blog tour to the ever so stylish Socialite Peplum Bubble Dress (affiliate link). I also have a really neat mash-up of the Socialite too, so read till the end!

The Socialite Peplum is versatile in so many ways. From its sophisticated princess seams, to the scoop necked back, this pattern is an instant classic on every level. This should be in your stash ladies!!!

For the first look, I wanted to achieve a clean and pristine feel. I mean, look at those lines. How gorgeous are they? Since the options are endless, I went with a solid cotton to set the tone. Paired with some leopard leggings, triangle headband and some glitter shoes, you have a stylish outfit. Madison was so excited to put it on, that she even wore the whole fit to get a pedi with our neighbor ;)

When in testing, the flounce wasn't fitting quite perfectly, so I created an inverted pleat in the back to gather the remainder of the fabric, and the outcome was spot on!!! It gives the flounce that extra flow to it. If I'm not mistaken, Jessica actually added it to her pattern... EEP!

Size: 4T
Inverted pleat in the back to make peplum fit
Denim colored cotton from Joann's

Ready for the mash up? Since I described what I loved about the Socialite Peplum earlier in the post, I will let the photos do most of the talking. Don't forget, if you'd like to purchase a copy of the Socialite, you can click here!!! (affiliate link)

This is the Socialite Peplum Dress with a modified Cherry Pie Skirt from Pie Pie Designs. When I say modified, I used the Cherry Pie pattern as a base to achieve that high-low hem on the skirt. The finished result is really fun and retro.

Since the Socialite is pieced together in some great places, it makes for the perfect opportunity to let your creativity run free and do some color blocking. This was my first time really experimenting with color and lines, and I can't wait to do it again, even with another pattern. :)

This dress  made such a great first day of fall dress for Madison! Today was "yellow" day at school, and I was sooo close to letting her wear it, but I didn't want to risk getting stains on it quite yet!

Thank you all for reading/looking till the end :) I had such a fun time testing these patterns out for Jessica. She is truly great at designing little girls clothing, and I want to send her all of the love I can. If you love this pattern just as much as I do, please click on one of the affiliate links above to purchase! Tomorrow we have a roundup of great mash-ups hosted by Andrea from Andrea's Notebook, so stay tuned! Have a blessed Thursday night ya'll!


  1. Absolutely love the colours of the dress. Such a gorgeous and unusual mix. Very different to others I have seen. I think you smashed it :-)

  2. Wow!!! I'm grinning like mad over here :) thanks Olu!

  3. Crazy wonderful Ashley!!! Love the colors, it looks totally cool. Great job daughter! Kisses


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