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Thursday, November 20, 2014

I was asked by Olu of Needle and Ted, and Anna of MadeIt Patterns to partake in a Christmas inspired blog tour/competition based on Anna's newest pattern release, the Florence Blouse. Needless to say I was very taken back when they asked and accepted without hesitation! There are some talented ladies on the tour, so be sure to browse the competition page here and leave a comment for your favorite one! Anna is also holding a competition on her Facebook page that allows you to enter in your Florence till the end of January 2015 to win some of her patterns :) Oh, and there is a coupon code at the end of the post so make sure to scroll!

Here is my "Christmas Inspired Florence". This holiday I determined that I didn't want to dress the girls in your traditional green and red.  Over the years, our family's Christmas party attire has gone from rather extravagant to more laid back and comfortable. Though I will be making the girls dresses, this pretty little get up will be Madison's second outfit. Florida weather still doesn't know what it wants to do so I will have two outfits to accommodate our ever changing tropical climate. 

Ryan was going through his closet a couple weeks ago and tossed out some nice dress shirts that were too big for him. I couldn't let that beautiful fabric go to waste, so I scooped it up and took it to my table. Deconstructing the shirt to create a new vision was so satisfying. I never thought to take a men's dress shirt, rip it all apart, and mark the pattern pieces as followed.  The shirt is made up of some shirting fabric of sorts, but man was it a pain in the rear to press... and it frayed like mad too!! But the color was perfect, so in the end it was a win-win situation. 

The skirt is also upcycled from an old dress of mine that I wore once, and spilled some kind of yellow substance on. I wore it to a Holiday party lol suiting for the post right?! Madison loves this entire outfit. It is rare for her to take to a shirt like this, but considering the high today was 59 and we were outside while doing the shoot, she's taking what she can get :) ** No little girls were frozen in the capturing of this outfit**

The details that Anna puts into her patterns are just amazing. I mean, look at the yoke in the back!? The v shape fits the blouse so well. You could even make the Florence into a jacket with a leather yoke.. say whaaaat!? Yup. And the gathering in areas such as the sleeve make for a nice and feminine finish. Not to mention the gorgeous princess seams in the front. Need I say more? This shirt rocks my socks. 

The Florence Blouse by MadeIt Patterns
Skirt is self drafted

4T, but could have done a 5T too

Upcycled men's dress shirt

Snaps instead of buttons, omitted the bow and put a snap 

I hope you enjoyed my take on the Florence Blouse! This was a fun little challenge for me. It makes me hone in on the skills that I am lacking in while showing new techniques along the way. I am very pleased with MadeIt patterns, and will add their patterns to my growing collection. Olu and Anna, thank you so much for having me on this tour! I had such a great time!

  Enjoy the ending to our post with a photo of M below :) 


  1. she is the best model - for your adorable clothes!!! really nice job on that shirt!!

  2. That is such a great holiday color! Great job!

  3. That colour is divine. Great choice for a 'Christmas inspired' Florence.

    Thank you so much for being part of the tour.

  4. Gorgeous colour and looks fab with the black and white skirt! I really like that you up cycled 2 garments to make this outfit, really great job.

  5. Thank you so much ladies! I had a blast creating this outfit. It was so much fun :) I am so honored to have been on this tour with you Anna and Olu, thanks again!

  6. I love the blue! I am actually thinking about wearing blue for a Christmas party this week. Darn you guys. I am going to be in so much trouble with my growing pattern collection soon. Stop making such gorgeous clothes and patterns. But as usual, you did an amazing job. I love Miss Thangs poses.


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