Polkadot Peek A Boo Hoodie by Lil Luxe Collection

Monday, November 17, 2014

Today we are talking about the newest pattern from Lil Luxe Collection, the Peek A Boo Hoodie (affiliate link), which was released on Friday by the ever-so-talented-and-kind Jessica Bustos! Before I get into the details of this great UNISEX hoodie, let me say just how wonderful Jessica is. Not only does she design modern and stylish children's clothing, she is also a compassionate and understanding woman. Jessica really takes the time to build a personal relationship with her testers, and make sure everything is going as smooth as possible when tweaking her works of art. I am honored to be able to work alongside her and the group of lovely ladies! Let us move onto the hoodie now :) 

*** This is the only good photo taken of Madison, as she was NOT feeling any of the shoots (3) over the past couple days. So my apologies!***

"Your fashion kid will be warm and stylish in their Peek A Boo Hoodie!  The Peek A Boo name comes from unique details in the sweater: the hidden kangaroo pocket, the overlapped neckline where you can see little bits of the inside lining and the thumb holes that will keep hands half hidden.  The trendy tunic length of this hoodie will pair beautifully with leggings and boots for your fashionista or use the waist length as a cozy everyday hoodie for your boy or girl." -Jessica Bustos 

Jessica had made her description of the Peek A Boo Hoodie so perfect, that I couldn't resist letting her tell us all the amazing details of her newest release! From the wrapped hood to the hidden kangaroo pockets and thumb holes, this pattern will become fall and winter staples for years to come. And did I say that it takes an insanely fast time to sew? Once the pieces are cut, you can easily finish this hoodie in a nap time. Awesome right?

Another great thing I love about Lil Luxe Collection is how Jessica pays such close attention to detail. The installation of the kangaroo pocket seems pretty complex from the first read-through, but she includes a wonderful pictorial that takes you corner by corner for a professional finish. And who doesn't like thumb holes?!?


If you are teetering on the thought of purchasing a Lil Luxe Collection pattern, I would take a risk on a beautiful pattern created by Jessica. I have tested 3 other of her patterns, which you can read about here and here, and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed! Click on the affiliate link above to purchase or peruse. 

Peek A Boo Hoodie by Lil Luxe Collection


Sweater Interlock from Joann's

None, it's perfect :)


  1. Lovely post, made me smile. Love this pattern, wish I could get fabric as cool as yours.

  2. Beautiful, Ashley! You did Jessica proud, I am sure!

  3. That is gorgeous! I would wear this in my size


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