Santa's Helper

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

So today I have a pretty rad Socialite Bubble Dress as part of the Lil Luxe Collection Blog Tour, and I am very excited to be sharing it with you! Remember how I said that I wasn't going to make the girls traditional green and red dresses back in this post? Well I am taking that statement back :)

Before we get into the details of M's Socialite Bubble Dress, this will be my third time sewing this pattern and I can't get enough of it. This is my first time sewing the bubble skirt version, and I am very pleased with the tutorial and outcome. Those princess seams have me swooning too! Ah, everytime lol What I love though is that you can make it full on Christmas crazy or have it be simple and chic. I'm thinking of doing my next one in a black ponte de roma. Wouldn't that be just dreamy!? If you have been thinking about buying the Socialite, you can do so by clicking here (affiliate link) and enter the code "blogtour" for 30% off !

This dress is made of two dresses that I upcycled. There is even enough left over to make Cora her dress too :) I don't know about you, but I really dig the combination of the green and the red with all those crazy polka dots. It screams "Santa's Helper". I am very tempted to make her some elf shoes to wear with them on the big day. Do you think I should?! 

The ballet scoop neck is so elegant on the Socialite Bubble Dress. Madison had the hardest time understanding that it doesn't have a button on the back, and insisted I add one. But when I showed her how easy it was to put on and take off... she was sold. We also love the sleeve options on the pattern. Madison likes the shoulder flounces, and made sure that they were included in her holiday attire.

Socialite Bubble Dress
Green Polkadot quilting cotton 
Red fabric was like faux satin? 

Thanks for stopping by the blog to see what I have created :) There was a reason we did the shoot without shoes lol Cora was napping in their room, and I wasn't about to head up there to retrieve them and possibly wake her up. She cut her four top teeth and has been feeling under the weather, so sleep is a very good thing for her at the moment. But besides that, I hope you enjoyed! If you decided to sew up the Socialite Bubble Dess make sure to tag #socialitebubbledress #lilluxecollection on IG and Twitter!!

Holiday Crop Top Dress from Lil Luxe Collection

Monday, December 8, 2014

*This post contains affiliate links*

Today is the newest release from Lil Luxe Collection; and again my friends! Another beautiful pattern by Jessica Bustos, the creative brain behind it all. The Reversible Crop Top and Dress is a clever and trendy pattern by this budding and kind designer. Since this is part of her blog tour, she is offering 30% off with the code "blogtour". If you haven't seen all the other fabulous ladies on the tour, you can click here to read the schedule and check them out :)

There are so many fun options in the pattern that I don't know where to begin! I fell in love with this dress from the moment I saw it, then opened up the pattern to see that there are only two main pattern pieces for the crop version. Score!!! Who doesn't like a pattern with few things to cut out?! Another thing I admire is the open and airy back of the crop and dress. The design of it is so functional yet absolutely beautiful. I love!

I have always wanted to sew a paper bag dress, and had this idea about how complicated it must be (silly right?? It is soooo easy!). Jessica designs her patterns to be straightforward and full of useful tips and techniques. The way she makes the arm hole is something I had never seen before. Let me say I was pleasantly surprised and thought "Wow, how smart!". I always love learning new things, so it was very exciting to learn a new technique while sewing up the Crop Top Dress

The "paper bag" effect goes lovely with the simplicity of the blouse. The dress I sewed was version 2 which had a lower seam on the skirt, but she fixed it to where the belt lies just right and the top of the skirt so it doesn't just flop over. Another great thing I like about this dress is how it gives the effect of a "layered" look, which will allow for some fun pattern mixing and styling ideas. Jessica even added a belt tutorial (not shown in my photos). How sweet is that? A rad pattern and a belt tutorial! I'm all in.

Winters in FL are pretty hit or miss, so this time around I went with something that would be accommodating with whatever weather mother nature brings us this season. When we took these photos, the day was simply gorgeous! High of 77 with a breeze; my kind of weather. Madison just LOVED this dress. Right after our photos she went straight on her bike to ride with friends then turned back around to tell me she likes the air that was coming down her back. 

Navy quilting cotton and some Red Orange plaid that was super soft and light

I have fallen in love with Lil Luxe Collection and all of Jessica's creations. I know when I purchase a pattern by her that it will be of the best quality and filled with a great tutorial. This dress came together in good time and has such a professional outcome. This might be my first dress, but for sure not my last!! Imagine the possibilities for spring and summer :) The Reversible Crop Top and Dress is another great pattern to have in your collection! Don't forget, if you want to purchase you can click on the link here, and use the code "blogtour" for a 30% off discount!!

Happy Sewing!
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