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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hey you guys! Happy New Year!!! I hope you all enjoyed your winter break. We sure did ;) The past three weeks have been filled with family, friends and LOTS of food hehe. Cora has officially started to walk, and it is for sure odd seeing a tiny person roaming the downstairs like she owns the place. My lovely fiance gifted me a DSLR for Christmas, and it came as a major surprise. Let's just say I was very "beastly"/annoying/persistent, and put this poor man through some hell. I surely have some making up to do in the kindness department :) I love you darling! Thanks for putting up with my crap and griping for the past 6 months. I was also able to learn my serger (after having it sit on my desk for almost a year) and let me tell you... why did I procrastinate so long?!? It is such a time saver, and I feel really professional while using it. It makes me want to sew all the bimaa sweaters and alley cat rompers!

Speaking of Alley Cat Romper, do you remember this fabulous floral one I made a while back? Well Jessica of Lil Luxe Collection has revamped the Alley Cat, and it now comes with sleeve options. Right!? Just when you thought this romper couldn't be any more awesome, having the option to add sleeves is perfect.

I used my serger to sew almost the entire Alley Cat together, and I was pretty impressed! Lil Luxe Collection patterns are to the point and very on key. I just love sewing them up! Not too complicated with plenty of illustrations to get you through any questions you might have.

Baby backs!!!! I just love how delicate the ballerina inspired back is. It shows the right amount of skin without being distasteful for a wee one. By the way, it was like 86 degrees on Sunday when I took the photos, and surprisingly enough, Cora wasn't sweating bullets. Another bonus with the Alley Cat (affiliate link) is since it is a dropped crotch, there is more of a "breeze" for these warm winter days. An oxymoron I know, but it's Florida and anything goes here! 

Alley Cat Romper by Lil Luxe Collection
Feathers on Peony from Girl Charlee for the bodice
Purple Sparkly Knit from Joanns for the pant
Newly added sleeves!

And there you have it! A perfect add on to an awesome pattern. If you like the Alley Cat Romper as much as I do, you can purchase from the link here, and I will receive a little percentage of the sale :) Thanks so much!

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