Raspberry Torte

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The first 3 months of this year will be all about sewing my stash and upcycling what I can. As I reflected upon 2014, so many things for me have changed when it comes to my "sewing style". In lieu of that, I purchased some fabric in August of 13' that I adored at the time, but still haven't sewn with. Now that I need the space to add more fabric (go figure!), I must sew up what I haven't used.  As I was browsing through my fabric, I stumbled upon this really neat combination of neon and raspberry knit, and knew exactly what I had to make! It reminds of Raspberry Torte from Strawberry Shortcake, and I just love it. 

I chose the sleeveless Alley Cat Romper (affiliate link) by Lil Luxe Collection not only because it is a quick sew, but it uses a fair amount of fabric. Perfect for helping me sew through my stash :) The neon stripe knit was from Girl Charlee back in August of 13', and I am almost positive that it has been long gone. Cora's bodice was upcycled from a slinky dress that I never wore, but it is one of those knits that I do not recommend sewing with if you can avoid it. It was super thin and too stretchy. I'm sure it would be great for the bottoms, but it just didn't work for the bodice on this one. No worries though, I get to sew another one! 

Ballet inspired baby backs and decent stripe matching. I'll take it!

Pattern: Alley Cat Romper from Lil Luxe Collection
Size: 18mo
Fabric: Striped knit from GC, bodice upcycled 
Modifications: None really, just rolled the bottom cuff up a little

Thanks for reading! OH! And just so you all know, Cora turns one...ONE! on the 20th of this month... so 5 days from today. I can't believe where the time has gone. My little baby is growing up, and way too quickly. She is walking now, has 6 teeth, loves to sing and gives plenty of kisses to her Daddy and sissy. I am in the midst of planning her party, and cannot wait to show you guys how it turns out. 

Happy Sewing!

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