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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Good morning Sewing Sober readers!! I feel like I take frequent blogging breaks, but I must assure you, they are for the greater good :) SoOoOo much as happened over the past couple weeks, I honestly don't know where to begin. Cora turned 1 on the 20th of January, I celebrated 2 years on the 3rd, Madison turns 6 on Thursday, and I have some huge behind the scenes things happening right now. So  many new and exciting opportunities are coming my way, that I can only give thanks to my Higher Power for making it all possible, and for having people like you who enjoy reading about what my newest sewing endeavors are! Now, let us talk about the newest release from Jessica of Lil Luxe!

Last Friday, Jessica released her newest pattern, the Charming Tee & Dress (affiliate link). I have the honor and pleasure of being on the testing team, and was able to sew up a couple Charmings. Jessica has the ability to create such versatile patterns, and the Charming is  yet another home run. This  knit tee and dress has a simple circle opening in the back, three sleeve options, and the dress version has a high low skirt, with the ability to be made of woven too!

Lets get the back story on the fabric of this dress real quick:
I sent Ryan and Madison to Joann's to get about 1 1/2 yds of fabric to make a Geranium Dress for Madison's Valentine's Dance last Friday. I assumed (first place I failed... Don't assume ANYTHING when you send your SO and little one to pick out fabric for a dress lol) they were going to pick a woven... and I was mistaken!!! They called me up all excited about the fabric they had purchased, and couldn't wait for me to get home to see it. I arrive back from my meeting, and Madison runs downstairs to show me the beloved fabric that will be made into a beautiful gown. I reach into the bag, and pull this blue, sparkly knit out... "womp, womp, Womp!". I obviously portrayed that I was super excited to sew with this, but now I had to change my whole entire design... ah! Thankfully, the final version of the Charming Dress had just been sent out, and I was able to create Madison a dress that was just right for her, and honestly, that is all that matters sometimes. 

The fabric itself is simply beautiful, but sewing with it was another story. The "caviar" beads are a silver plastic, which I had to cover with a cloth in order to press my sleeve and skirt hems. That was doable... but sewing over those beads... ugh. It broke my serger threads twice, and after the second time I was pretty much wanting to throw this dress out the window!!!!! But, I kept at it, sewing suuuuuuuuper slow over the bumps, and the finished product isnt too shabby. The circle in the back was tough, only because instead of lining the back bodice RST, I didn't want the beads to irritate Madison, so I placed them on top of one another, one right side and the other wrong (if that even makes sense!). 

Charming Tee and Dress by Lil Luxe
3T bodice with 5T sleeves and skirt

I love sewing Lil Luxe patterns, because I know when I purchase a pattern from Jessica that I will be getting a quality product that yields beautiful results, and in a timely manner too. I hope you guys liked this version of the Charming Dress! I will have the one I made for Cora up on the blog towards the end of the week ;) If you haven't gotten your pattern yet, you can click the link (affiliate link) here to get it for 30% off!

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  1. I need so much more time in my life so I can sew 20 of these! Love it!!!


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