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Monday, March 23, 2015

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed your spring weekend. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful! It was so nice, that I caught a pretty good sunburn; one of the many benefits (not so much!) of living in Florida. 

I was asked by Olu of Needle and Ted to join in on a fun "Just Add Detail" challenge using the Ziggy Top by Madeit Patterns. The opportunity couldn't have come at a more perfect time! I had been in a creative rut, and needed the nudge to get myself out. Of course I said yes, and then a great idea came to mind. Introducing, the lace Ziggy Top. Until March 29th, the Ziggy will be on sale for 20% off, read below for the link! 

A friend of mine had given me a huge bin of fabric from his mother in law, and when I browsed through it, I remember seeing a whole bunch of lace. I knew that the material had to be used in making this top. I figured living near the beach, Madison could use a sun cover-up, and with the Ziggy Top being oversized a bit, it should have made the perfect one. 

And it did.

The Ziggy Top is originally sewed in a knit. I took a risk using the lace, but had a feeling with the design of the pattern that it would be ok to use. I did make adjustments to the neckline by cutting the largest size out to accommodate the lack of stretch in the lace. I think it worked nicely. 

Neon is still in right? Well today it is :) I thought it would compliment the mature vibe that lace gives off, but still make it playful. The knit is a jersey from Joann's last year. 

Ziggy Top by Madeit Patterns
Lace with neon knit ribbing
Cut the neckline to the largest size to accommodate lack of stretch in lace

Below you will find the discount link, and make sure to check out the rest of the competition! Thank you Olu and Anna for having me on the challenge! I am so thrilled to have been placed in a caliber with these ladies :) Can't wait to see what you all create. You can hashtag your creations on Instagram with #theziggytop. See you there!

20% off Ziggy

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    1. Love the lace!! It's girly and modern at the same time - great job :)

    2. I love it!! I almost used some stretch stripey lace from JoAnn that I used a few times last summer, but this is so much better! That neon is just perfect with it. You nailed it Ashley!

    3. Thanks so much Renee and Ajaire! You guys did some great work too!!! I am loving being in a competition with you ladies :)

    4. Lace is such a perfect choice for this top, specially since summer is just around the corner. Great job!

    5. Lace and contrast neon trim just looks so good, you sure did nail it!!

    6. Lace and neon was so unexpected. Certainly unique. You left me speechless at first sight.

    7. Thank you ladies!!! I really love this pattern because it is such a blank slate, and can be transformed into some pretty amazing things like I've seen today.

    8. Beautiful lace and that neon pop is amazing!

    9. We visited many other venues and weren't completely happy. Most places lacked of the choices for table/chair covers to go with our theme and lack of lighting variations. I decided to pull the trigger on San Diego Wedding venues because they offer many things that we wanted.

    10. I just can't even handle this. I LOVE it. It must be a beach thing ;-)

    11. Gorgeous top! Another fab creation, and you were so right about the neon. It adds the perfect youthfulness. I know my nieces would love it!

    12. Thank you so much Melissa and Heather! It was fun tossing ideas :) Excited to see who wins tomorrow!

    13. I love the lace! Perfect for Florida 😊


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