Alley Cat Crop Hack

Friday, June 12, 2015

Good morning readers! In lieu of Jessica's City Girl Romper Sew-a-Long, I am bringing a quick tutorial on how to make the Alley Cat Romper into a crop top to replicate the look I made for Stylo 4.  If you still need to purchase the Alley Cat Romper, you can click the link here :) Also, Jessica has a tutorial on adding neck ribbing over on her blog, and you can read that great post here!!! It is super duper simple!  But first, here is what you will need to do before cutting your fabric: 

Since we are making a crop, we will need to lengthen our front and back bodice. I added about .5" to my bodices, but you can add more length depending on how much belly you would like showing. I personally wouldn't add over 2", as we are going to be adding a band to the bottom of the bodice. 

Once you lengthen your pattern pieces, we are ready to cut fabric. In addition to the pattern pieces, you will need to cut a strip of ribbing 2" x 3.5" less than your child's chest. For instance, Madison's chest is 21.5", so I will cut a strip of ribbing 2" x 18". Remember, ribbing is VERY stretchy, so we want the band to hug closely to the body. You can always play around with the length of your ribbing, but I found that these measurements worked best. If you do not have ribbing, you can use knit that has 35%-50% stretch recovery. 

Follow steps 1-5 in the Alley Cat Romper instructions. (same goes for sleeveless version)

Next, fold your ribbing in half. Press.

With RST (right sides together) sew the ends of the band together to create a loop. Press seams flat, then fold back over. 

Next, find the center of your band and mark with a pin. 

Join the seam of your band to the bodice; by having the bodice Right Side Out, place the ribbing OVER the bodice, and join the seam of your ribbing to one of the side seams. 

Next, repeat with the other side. 

Now stretch the ribbing to fit the bodice, and add two more clips/pins to hold it together. 

Onto the sewing! FIRST SEW THE RIBBING AND BODICE WITH YOUR SEWING MACHINE TO MAKE SURE THE RIBBING IS TIGHT ENOUGH. If not, you can now go back and take off some length of your band, and repin, re-sew ect. Once you have everything correct, finish your seams with a serger, pinking shears or zig-zag stitch :) 

And there you have it! These come together so quickly, and the possibilities are endless! 

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