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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello my dear readers and blogging friends! Though it's been a (long...) while, I have been quite the busy lady behind the scenes. I've even taken a break from social media  due to the fact of me not wanting to spoil surprises, like this one :) 

I am beyond honored and excited to be kicking off the much anticipated series hosted by Jessica of Lil Luxe Collection, called the "Sew 'n Style Series"!!! This 3 piece mini collection was to be based on including our children in the decision and designs of what we were to create. Seeing as my little muse is only 19mo, she really didn't have too much of a say in what was created for her, but everything I made had her in mind.

I have decided to name this collection "Around the World", because I felt that the textiles and patterns used really complimented each other, and hinted to the fashion styles of different countries. Textures played a huge role in this collection too. Though I am sewing my stash, I couldn't resist playing with all these yummy fabric combos. Let's get started shall we? 

I was feeling very "Spain" inspired on this one. What really sparked my creativity was finding this vintage red pom trim that I picked up at our local "upcycle" shop some months back. I had never seen a pom quite like it; from the size of the poms, to the yarn, I knew this has to be the focus of the outfit. Granted this finished product is nothing like what I drew out lol but it is perfect for the look I was achieving. 

ALL of this outfit is none other than yours truly, Lil Luxe. If I haven't said it recently, I LOVE, and will always love LLC :) and if you couldn't guess what pattern this it, it is too none other than the Alley Cat Romper, but separated and modified juuuuuust a little bit.  Miss Cora Jean has finally grew a bit more to fit into the 18mo size unmodified, which makes me very happy! 

Unfortunately I cannot source any of the fabric used in this outfit. The top is an upcyled maternity shirt, and the harems were made from a Joann's knit that I bought last year, and I bought PLENTY at the time. So be prepared to see more of it either on the blog or locally at the markets :)

Sweet number two; oh how I love you! We are going pretty American on this one. You didn't think I would not include a City Girl Romper right? And to add, one that is super bright and fun to boot. The CGR is such a playful and satisfying sew. I swear I never get bored thinking of new ways to "out-do" my next one :)

Cora pretty much lives in CGR's. All day. All night. This child loves this pattern. I didn't think it were possibly to love it more than myself, but she does :) She got so upset when we took it off for her third outfit change; which you know you have a winner when your kid gets ticked off lol 

In the next photo you will see a blurred bow in the background. I kid you not; we were at the flea market when I saw this bow, and I had just been asked to join in on the sewing series, and I knew this bow was it. I had all the fabric at home to build off this bow, and I am so so so glad I had passed by it. It was seriously so perfect for this outfit especially. 

I cannot cite these fabrics either :( the plum/violet linen was from my flea market fabric lady, and the tribal cotton twill was from Joann's. I looked up and down on their website, as well as the receipt number... no such luck :( 

Alright! Onto the final number. What really inspired me was the brown velvet. Man it was so stinking pretty! I hated cutting into it because I knew it would only make one thing. And it did. You can interpret this outfit as either "Parisian" or "German", so whatever you are feeling, run with it ;)

Before I talk about the shorts, I have been obsessed with the Hummingbird Dress by Rabbit Rabbit. Though nothing has been blogged about this amazing pattern, it has made it's appearance rather prominent at the Indie Market I have been selling at. And the crowd loves it! I added the macrame braid, because in the past I was doing a macrame tie, but over time they haven't held up. SoOo this time around I tried a braid, and secured it rather well. I hope it holds up! The bodice has a vintage cotton lace overlay on top of some unbleached muslin. I find that the lace adds a dainty and sophisticated vibe, and makes the top extra girly. I couldn't tell you what the skirt is made of though   :( I have some textiles in my stash that I am rather unfamiliar with, so if you know anyone I can send a sample to please let me know! It is a lightweight woven that has alot of movement. And that's pretty much all I can tell you about it at this time. My MIL Lysa had picked up two huge bags full of fabric from an estate sale, and almost all of the fabric used in this outfit is from this one bag. Thank you Lysa!!!

And onto this jacket... this jacket is life! Well, not literally, but if I were to go tomorrow, I would be pretty damn thrilled about completing this collection. Especially with this outfit. 

This is the Aster Cardigan from Willow and Co. I have only made this pattern one other time, and I am regretting it! It is such a beautiful and easy going pattern. Why haven't I made more? I omitted the buttons on this, but after styling Cora, I think I will add two snaps in place of the buttons.

Ok, but fabric... I have no earthly idea what this is. It is like a knit/woven... is that even possible??? This too was in the bag of goodies my MIL gave me. It has stretch. It frays. And it made a pretty magical Aster Cardigan. 

I don't know about you, but these shorts make me swoon! And it makes me want to buy some velvet or velveteen. These are the Clover Shorts from Willow & Co. as well. I was able to test these shorts when the first came back over a year ago, and I can't say enough good things about them. They assemble pretty quick, and the finished product is very beautiful and professional looking. I thought the velvet would really do them justice. Add some vintage nautical buttons and you are good to go! 

And that's it you guys! What a fun series this was to partake in. Jessica, thanks so much for having me on the tour! I loved every minute of it, and I hope you did too :) Make sure to stop by Lil Luxe during the week to catch the rest of the Sew n' Style series. You can read  more about the Sew n' Style series and visit the contest page with Link Up where we have contest prizes totaling over $350 from our gracious sponsors!

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